Kicking off Christmas with intu Trafford Centre

inTu Trafford Centre Christmas parade 2017

Over the next month or so we are choc-a-bloc with Christmas events and therefore I am announcing that it is officially

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S on the blog

Whoop whoop! Don’t pretend like you’re not all over the big C already too. I know you are…

So then, to kick off the tinsel-covered celebrations, this weekend we were invited to the intu Trafford Centre for their amazing Christmas parade. And amazing it really was.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to write when I thought about blogging about the whole event. I mean, it was really more of an Insta-story/Insta-blog kinda thang. But then it dawned on me that I said I was going to start recording the little moments, our everyday days and hang on to those moments of tiny toddlerdom. So here we are.

Yes the event was lush. We got a back stage meet ‘n’ greet with  the stars (see pics and be jealous people), a posh breakfast in a box and front and centre passes to the main event, the Christmas parade. Think Disney but with a more Nickelodeon twist and a Mancunian style.

With that being said, these kind of family days out are about the little moments aren’t they? The highs and lows that kind of hang on in your brain and get filed away to be brought out at eighteenth birthdays. Coz you don’t think I’m letting her get away that easily do you? She did dance with giant sized Minions after all..

So here they are, the highs and lows of a day with intu Trafford Centre at their Christmas parade.

  1. The overwhelming hysteria that a group of toddlers displayed when Minions / Peppa Pig / Paw Patrol and toddler-type power rangers (sorry guys we haven’t a clue??) entered the meet ‘n’ greet area. There was screaming. Actual screaming. And storming – a full on toddler crush.  I genuinely looked around expecting to see Bieber. Funny AF people. Funny AF.
  2. Watching Sophie come out of her shell – she’s a sensitive and shy little thing and lets face it, that Bing the bunny was double my height and freakin’ scary. I wasn’t too sure if she would be freaked out or fascinated – fortunately she went for the latter. There was even hugging at one point. And that was just me.
  3. Dancing with the Shimmer and Shine ladies – Sophie just could not get enough. It was so sweet. So so sweet and I’ll remember it for a long, long time. All the feels people. All of them.
  4. The mammoth and I’m talking SPECTACULAR melt down that the parade brought on. It was too noisy, too bright, too exciting, too much Bing the bunny and just too much for my little bubba. She freaked out with a capital FREAK. Only trouble was, we had already pushed our way through about ten thousand people with an attendant to get into the VIP area (literally felt like the worlds biggest a-hole in the process) so to turn back around and push my way out again did not go down well and my total a-hole status was confirmed. Oops.

I was a bit put out actually as the parade looked amazing but that’s toddler life isn’t it – they are so unpredictable.

However, afterwards I did manage to squeeze in a trip to my baes at Charlotte Tillbury and Ted Baker (look out for haul videos coming on my YouTube soon) and fill my face at our fave Coast to Coast restaurant so it was a great day all round.

intu Trafford centre – thanks for the memories and Happy Christmas to you




  1. Julia
    November 20, 2017 / 06:15

    Sounds great fun, photos are lovely!

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