2018 bucket list destinations

I wish I was one of those people who had a show home with crisp white walls and modern, glossy surfaces. But I’m not and the simple reason for this is that I have a bad case of wanderlust and all spare money is ploughed into seeing the world with the family.

No matter how much I travel, it’s never really enough and so every year sees me updating my travel bucket list with both aspirational and reachable travel plans.

Destination2 recently contacted me and asked me to put together my 2018 bucket list based off some of the amazing locations they serve. There is no better way to spend a dreamy half hour other than actually being on the trip itself. Here’s what I came up with for the year ahead.

Our 2018 bucket list

Dubai – a family favourite and when you have older and younger children it is a playground that ticks all the boxes you could bring. You need a budget to match naturally but Destination2’s Dubai deals have wet my appetite for returning to this middle eastern playground for sun, thrills, spills and sand dunes. Not a place that I would visit in the height of summer for obvious reasons but this would be the best February or October half-term break.

Barbados – At this point I feel like I am the only person who hasn’t been to Barbados. So many people we work with have been here and return year on year and we have never had a bad report. Despite the relatively long flight time (around 9 hours from the UK) I know that the white sands, easy-going, laid back atmosphere and watersports would be just the right kind of holiday for my Brady bunch. Again – not one for the summer holidays but a nice one at Easter I imagine.

Majorca – We have a budding Spaniard in the family and we are considering hopping over to the Balaerics this summer for a few weeks so he can practice his new linguistic skills. For an easy family holiday with lovely weather, a short flight time and enough family entertainment – you cannot beat Majorca. It’s the place I always recommend to parents with young children in particular as it’s just so easy and so lovely. Every sort of accommodation for every sort of budget can make this a really accessible, affordable holiday solution.

Scotland – with all of the beachy preferences above, you probably weren’t expecting this wild card were you? But Scotland is a place close to my heart and utterly unrivalled for getting away from it all. As a family, hiring a log cabin, hiking, biking and getting back to nature is one of our must-do annual trips.

Which destinations are on your bucket list for 2018?




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