My New York Bucket List

New York is always a good idea. Or so I’m told –  I’ve never actually been!

My 30th birthday is looming on the horizon and to mark the occasion, Shaun and I are off to New York for a few nights. Sounds good right? Obviously it is but for me it’s not JUST good, it is right up there as number one on my bucket list of places to visit.

When Shaun asked me what it was about New York that made me so eager to go I found it hard to really put into words.

If I close my eyes, I can transport myself into the buzz of the city – the noise, the hustle, the colours, the tinge of grime that all big cities have, the smells of diesel, eateries and ambition. It’s a place I’ve never been to and yet it feels as though I have been going there my whole life. When my sister visited for the first time a few years ago, she described that moment of driving across the Brooklyn Bridge as a feeling of coming home and I know just what she means.


There are a million and one different things that I want to do and see in New York. We are only there for three nights and so obviously, I am going to have to prioritise. Tricky but here goes…

New York

My New York Bucket List

Central Park

New York city’s largest park space and with so much to see and do, it’s not a question of “why?” more of a “why wouldn’t you?!”

It’s iconic, vast, beautiful and it boasts umpteen attractions including a zoo, lake, running trails and so much more. For me though, I will be more than happy to wander around, hand in hand with my other half and just take it all in.

central park New York city in Autumn


Going to the theatre is one of my all-time favourite things to do. I have seen so many musicals and shows in London’s West End that I have lost count. It never gets boring. For some reason that I cannot fathom, I have never seen my all time favourite musical, Phantom of the Opera and so Shaun has promised that we will see it on Broadway. It literally doesn’t get better than that!

New York theatre seating

The New York Public Library

Perhaps an unexpected addition for a first timer in New York? It’s worth a visit for many reasons: the imposing architecture, the history, the fact that Carrie got married there (almost). Number one reason is because I am lover of libraries, of literature and words. This historic, New York landmark is definitely up there on my bucket list!

New York public library

5th Avenue Shopping

Slightly more predictable but unmissable all the same. A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a spot of shopping. Window shopping I might add – we aren’t made of money!

Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Tiffany’s you name it – I want to see it, smell the luxury and soak it all in. I can practically hear Shaun groaning already!

Saks 5th Avenue Department Store Front New York


A place full of trendy eateries, shops, people and art galleries. This is my people watching spot and I can’t wait to wander around, trying out the food and cocktails drink and taking the whole experience in. For me, sitting back and watching the world go by, immersing yourself in it all is the main draw to visiting a city like New York.


Without a doubt, there are a million other things that I would love to see and do in New York but if I only get to do these things, I will come away a happy Mama. Above and beyond all of these places, I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Shaun *whispers it* away from the kids. Quality, alone time to reconnect, eat, drink, laugh and be us again. The fact that we get to do that in my number one bucket list destination is the icing on my very big birthday cake.

Have you been to New York? I would love to know what your ‘must-see’ activities and places are! If you have any central, Manhattan hotels to recommend  then also let me know in the comments box below because we haven’t booked it yet!





  1. Julia
    October 11, 2016 / 12:05

    I’m sure you will have a lovely time! Apparently it’s bitterly cold ( According to family who live there) So wrap up warm for your stroll in Central Park!

  2. October 11, 2016 / 12:11

    I’m so envious of you doing this! X

  3. October 11, 2016 / 12:35

    Sounds like it will be just amazing! I spent two summers working in NY in my late teens. I worked in a tiny little Irish bar on the corner of 55th and 3rd. When I went back 12 years ago with my now husband I was devastated to see that it had been turned into a mobile phone shop! There really is no place quite like NYC though! Am EXTREMELY jealous! Have a ball and have a wonderful 30th birthday! 🙂 #DreamTeam
    Shinners and the Brood recently posted…☀ Sunshine Blogger AwardMy Profile

  4. October 11, 2016 / 22:11

    You will love it – you have to go to Grand Central Station too and take lots of time lapse videos. Also go to a rooftop cocktail bar on 5th avenue…it is cold if you go between Nov-March so wrap up! xxx
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…#DreamTeam #24My Profile

    • October 15, 2016 / 13:33

      I’m popping back from #dreamteam to say how excited I still am for you! I hope you have the blanket snow we had in January…it was so romantic, I absolutely loved it. It is bitterly cold out there, but NYC is so used to the snow that it doesn’t grind to a halt like it does in the UK, so you just get to enjoy the good bits! Other things I loved doing was Grand Central station and eating at the Carnegie Deli which was featured in When Harry Met Sally. Can’t wait to hear how you got on! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam Hope to see you again next week x
      Bridie By The Sea recently posted…VLOG: Emma’s Sleep Routine, 17 monthsMy Profile

  5. October 13, 2016 / 12:13

    Ooh how exciting – we’re going next summer for a long weekend too as it’s hubby’s 40th. He’s never been but I spent a Summer there when I was at uni and it’s a great place to explore! So much to try to cram into 3 days though! Happy planning 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime
    Mess and Merlot recently posted…She Loves Herself – Rhyming With WineMy Profile

  6. October 13, 2016 / 17:20

    NYC is one of a kind! As an Architect I just love walking around cities. I would recommend walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and going to the top of the Empire State Building. I never got round to catching the boat to the Statue of Liberty, but I bet the skyline view you get back towards Manhattan makes it worth it! #ablogginggoodtime
    Twin Pickle recently posted…48 hrs in Vegas: Twin Stroller EditionMy Profile

  7. October 13, 2016 / 20:05

    Hubby and I visited New York for New year when we first met. We bought my wedding rings on 5th Avenue and his in a jewellers in the jewish quarter. We had the best time ever! I hope you have an amazing time. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime
    An imperfect mum (Catie) recently posted…A Blogging Good Time #20My Profile

  8. October 15, 2016 / 10:30

    Grand Central Station is worth visiting. Went for a few days in August as our birthday celebration, if you’re going to do one of the panoramic views the Rockefeller has the best view. My favourite place when I was there was Bryant Park, small but had a brilliant vibe about it.
    Enjoy it. The best city I have had the pleasure of visiting – I am definitely going to re-visit at some point.

  9. October 15, 2016 / 10:47

    Oh wow – I’m so jealous! I went around 9 years ago, and having watched every episode of SATC at least 15 times (no exaggeration – I had the box set on a loop for years) I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you know it without even having been. It really does feel like you’re coming home as it is all so familiar. Your bucket list sounds amazing. I loved the top of the Empire State building – but actually preferred going to the top of the Rockafeller Centre as actually I think the views from the “Top of the Rock” are actually a lot more impressive . Ooh and Maceys… *sighs* Just amazing! Hope you have a brilliant time. xx #ablogginggoodtime

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