Six reasons to visit Tenerife with the family

Tenerife is a fantastic family holiday spot if you are looking for something hassle-free this year. With a toddler and three restless teens, we don’t much fancy taking the usual trek across the Atlantic to the land of Disney dreams this year so we will be booking a little time in the Canary sun, in Tenerife. It will be Zak’s first time in the Canary Islands and as for the rest of us, well we can’t wait to return. Sophie’s first ever jaunt abroad was to Tenerife and whist we had a fantastic trip, we probably wouldn’t return to the Northern part of the island, purely due to the moody weather conditions. The south of the island is really where it’s at for us and the only part of the island I’d recommend if you want good weather.

With wanderlust permanently on my mind, here’s ten reasons why we love Tenerife and we think you will too:

The short flight time

Only four hours from the UK, it’s a really manageable and family-friendly flight time but it’s also just long enough to make it really feel like you are getting away from it all.

The weather

As I mentioned, the weather in the Northern part of the island can be a bit hit and miss but if you stick to the South, you are almost guaranteed year round sunshine. With it being an island it’s almost always breezy and for us, that’s perfect for making sure we don’t all overheat in the summer heat.

The beaches

Golden volcanic sands and clear blue waters. It’s an absolutely stunning coastline and even if you only spent every day on the beach then you’d have a fantastic family holiday in Tenerife.

The sea life

Delight the kids with a trip out to sea and you could be lucky enough to spot anything from bottlenose dolphins right through to whales!

The daytrips

If you get bored of the hotel and beach, Tenerife boasts some of the best day trips sure to delight the whole family. Volcanoes, trips out to sea, days in some of the world’s best waterparks – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The food

Because of the location and history of the island the food here is inspired by a delicious mixture of African, Spanish, Arabic and French so you really can dig in and experience any type of cuisine including some of the freshest seafood we’ve ever tried. For us, this makes eating out a massive pleasure – the only problem is which restaurant to choose!

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