9 things you need to take on your spa break

Every mother needs a spa break (unless it’s really not your thing I guess). You can shut off from the outside world completely which means no social media, no phones, no little people demanding Yo-Yo bears or Wotsits and no weird, creepy troll toys staring at you from under the bubbles of your bath. Where else can you make that claim other than in the sanctuary of a spa?

Luxurious spa break what to pack

You will also be a way more chilled out parent on your return from a spa break but that’s probably for another post another time.

However, if like me, you are way out of practice with this whole relaxation / spa thing then you may be wondering what the heck you should be packing. I have literally just laid out my case and started putting in wet wipes and Sudocreme in preparation for my spa break because I am just that unused to going away without a toddler or baby in tow. Sad times people. Sad times. Not to mention I got some extremely uncomfortable looks from over the top of Shaun’s glasses as I was doing it. I expect he was wondering what goes on in said spa.

Anyhoo, if you are in a bit of a conundrum as to what to pack then never fear – I’ve made all the mistakes for you (clearly) and I have your definitive packing guide here. So go forth, be child-free for a night or two and revel in the Prosecco and luxury that you know you deserve.

What should you wear on a spa break?

Travel in whatever clothes you feel fit. I just go for my usual uniform of jeans and t-shirt and a pair of jazzy trainers. Only a mum would say “jazzy” wouldn’t they? *Sigh*

Anyway, presuming that you are going to be donning your bikini / one-piece and a robe for the majority of your time in the spa, all you will really need is loungewear or yoga wear for the times when nakedness is frowned upon (spoil sports). Also a pair of flip flops will be invaluable for, well, flip-flopping around in although most spa’s provide slip on slippers too.

If you’re staying over in the hotel then also remember to bring an extra bag, something small that you can slip a change of clothes, purse, phone and a good book into. You won’t want to be lugging your whole overnight case down to the spa.

Most spa’s will provide you with a robe, slippers and towels. If they don’t then I’d question why you are going to such a shoddy spa in the first place (joke) and be sure to pack your own.

After revelling in a lovely treatment, I sometimes feel a bit cold and I think it’s worth packing an extra layer just in case (it’s happened – I’m old). A jumper or hoody etc will do fine.

Feeling virtuous? Pack your gym kit and trainers. Go on you know you might want to….ahem.

Swimming attire will obviously be a must for all of the sitting around in jacuzzi’s that must be done.

9 essential things to pack for your spa break

What extras should I bring on a spa break?

Well you should pack some toiletries and makeup – especially if you’re staying over. It’s an unkind fact that relaxation / massage / facials does not a pretty mummy make. At least in the short term, so bring your usual bag of slap to make yourself presentable for dinner at least. Don’t forget hair styling appliances if you use them.

Suncream. Yes seriously. If you’re lucky enough to be going to a spa abroad then I’m very jealous but you’ll likely already know that you need this. Did you know that lots of UK spas are also alfresco? No? Well it worth double checking because a burnt face isn’t a pretty look or a good idea.

A good book or stack of the juiciest magazines you can find. I’ve been saving up my copies of my Wanderlust subscription for months now in preparation for my next spa break. This may possibly be the part of my spa break that I’m most excited about and the part that Shaun is most worried about. It’s an almost given fact that a trip to Bali will have been planned an executed in my head by the time I get home.

Money for a locker in case you need it for valuable items. Many spas will provide you with this for free but it’s worth bringing just in case.

And that’s it! The only thing that’s left to say is I hope you have an amazing and relaxing time on your next spa break. If you think I’ve forgotten anything essential then please do leave a comment below so we can all benefit from this list.

Until next time – enjoy!








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  1. July 16, 2017 / 10:49

    I never thought so much about spa break. Being a busy mom I never had time to think about it. Thanks Fiona for the tips. Definitely i going to try this.

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