Blogging Highlights For 2016 – Did I Fail?!

It’s time to look back at my blogging highlights and lowlights of the year. I can’t believe we are here already. How fast did this year go?!

Back in July 2016 I set myself some six monthly blogging goals. You can have a look at them here if you so wish but I’d probably rather you didn’t as they were a tad embarasssing.

I suppose everyone has to start somewhere and blogging has an incredibly steep learning curve. I won’t bore you with the details of that here though. If you are a blogger then you will know what I’m talking about anyway.

Anyway, wet behind the blogging ears, I was absolutely full of unbridled (read delusional) enthusiasm. Ploughing in feet first, I truly believed that success could come over night. Well it doesn’t work that way I’m afraid.

Needless to say that when I reviewed my goals at the end of 2016, I not only laughed in my own naiive face but I also felt a bit deflated. I had defined success in some pretty black and white terms and I had fallen short. So was I a failure?

Absolutely not. Looking back on the year I would still consider it to be a success. My goal posts have shifted along with the things that I have learnt but I’m ok with that.

When you consider that this time last year there was no blog or following of any sort, it’s been a pretty life changing year. Sounds a tad dramatic but it actually has!

Here’s my round up for 2016. Go on and indulge me a little?

Blogging highlights of 2016

Blogging highlights of the year:

• Writing professionally for websites that I used to read. This includes The Huffington Post, Supernanny and Mumsnet! My whole life I have been bitten by the writing bug and now people are actually reading my content. It blows my mind every time someone tells me they love my posts. Even more so if I’ve moved them to tears or made them laugh.
• Creating an engaged social media following of over 12,000 people and only 11,999 of them are my family (jokes).
• Meeting some incredible writers. I’ve met some amazing friends, rubbed shoulders with celebs (ooh!) been nominated for blogging awards and interviewed some of the owners of the hottest blogging real estate around. Honestly, I have to pinch myself. 
• Being paid to blog! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be a millionaire any time soon but my blogging has given me extra financial freedom during my maternity leave that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.
• Learning a raft of new online skills that have ultimately been responsible for landing myself a dream job, which I would never have been considered for pre-blog.

To Sum Up…

Nope, I didn’t meet the criteria that I’d pre-defined for success but looking back at my blogging highlights I would 100% consider my year to be a success. For once I’m actually proud of myself and that’s a great way to end the year.

Look out for my 2017 goals in a blog post coming soon.

How has 2016 treated you blogging or work wise? I would love to hear your highlights so leave me a comment and we can toast the year together.




  1. December 17, 2016 / 21:47

    Fi you have done amazing! Well done on a fab year x

  2. Julia
    December 18, 2016 / 14:08

    You have done really well& I love reading your blog! I’m sure it will be even more successful in 2017

  3. December 19, 2016 / 19:39

    Ive achieved lots on my blog this year and im so proud if my achievement. Very excited for 2017! Looking forward to reading more of yours Fi ☺

  4. December 22, 2016 / 10:00

    What a fab year for you indeed!! I think it’s often hard to set realistic goals when starting out, as you simply cannot see how many different ways success can appear, so it’s great you can look back now and see how successful you have been despite not hitting those exact targets. Here’s to an amazing 2017 #ShareYourYear

  5. December 23, 2016 / 11:57

    isn’t it amazing what blogging can do?! I stopped my part-time job this year as my blog work was taking over and now just blog full-time. Good to hear to hear all that you achieved in a year #shareyouryear
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…Our 2016 Year in ReviewMy Profile

  6. December 23, 2016 / 17:12

    Well done on a good yearticle, I hope 2017 is even better! #shareyouryear

  7. December 30, 2016 / 21:33

    You’ve done so well, and just think had you not set yourself those goals you wouldn’t have had anything to aim for at all, and you’ve done so much as it is, it’s really not all about stats! Here’s to a great 2017 for you and your blog!
    Thanks for linking up to #ShareyourYear with Belle du Brighton!
    Lauren Belle du Brighton recently posted…Stuff on a FridayMy Profile

  8. December 31, 2016 / 19:51

    You’ve done so well – it’s always good to give yourself rough goals, otherwise how will you know how well you’ve done (although at the same time don’t stress over stats! Remember why you started blogging).

    Best of luck for 2017!


  9. December 31, 2016 / 23:47

    It’s always good to have a goal to aim for, even if you don’t achieve it – at least you tried! You should be proud of yourself! Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for you too!

  10. January 2, 2017 / 20:00

    It’s fantastic to read that you are on a high when it comes to blogging and really having a blast. #ShareYourYear
    Helena recently posted…Farewell 2016, Hello 2017!My Profile

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