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There is nothing nicer than bath time and not just because it marks the end of a long day with the kids. A warm bath with lots of bubbles and toys, splashing and laughing is just the thing to burn up any remnants of energy that the little darlings may have before you tuck them in for a long, full nights sleep. Ha! I wish! Still, full nights sleep or not, bath time is an important and essential part of a bedtime routine in this and many other homes.

Both of my children (and me come to think of it!) have very sensitive skin, so when it comes to bath time I have always struggled to find a good bubble bath or range of products that are suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema. Almost everything I’ve tried makes the eczema worse and a night of itching does not make for a restful sleep.

It was with interest then, that I learned all about the Childs Farm range. Childs Farm actively market themselves as a range of products that are not only organic (Mummy win!) but are also suitable for people with sensitive and eczema prone skin. Obviously, I had to try them out!

Childs Farm were kind enough to send me a whole bag of goodies to try out and it really does feel like a bag of goodies as the packaging is so bright and appealing.

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Childs Farm Bubble Bath

  • Came in two delicious scents; organic tangerine and organic raspberry extract. They both smell amazing, which after all is kind of the point of bathing your kids in the first place!
  • Creates lots of bubbles! I know this sort of sounds like stating the obvious but how disappointing is it when you use a bubble bath with a half-hearted bubbling potential?! You don’t have to worry with these little beauties as they create lots of long-lasting bubbles.
  • Super gentle on the eyes. Now I’m not suggesting that I tried it in my kids eyes (!!) but Sophie particularly is prone to rubbing her eyes in the bath because she is knackered by that point in the day. I was worried that the product would sting but she showed absolutely no signs of discomfort. She also seemed to find them rather tasty but that’s another story.
  • Great for sensitive skin. The eczema has actually improved since we have been using the Childs Farm products so this is the biggest win of all.

Childs Farm baby essentials kit

  • Contains smalls bottles of baby bedtime bubbles, baby wash, baby moisturiser and nappy cream suitable for use for the newest of babies
  • Designed to care and clean for your new squidgy bundle, the newborn range has a soft and gentle scent to it and although I don’t have a new baby anymore (sobs) I can confirm that they are really gentle products and ones which I am really enjoying using on Sophie.
  • Would make a lovely gift!
  • The baby oil in the same range is equally lovely and Sophie has been enjoying practising the techniques we have learnt at baby massage class using this. A pre-bed bath and massage is where it’s at in this house (sadly not for me).

Childs Farm Travel Kit

I actually didn’t get sent this one in my goodie bag but after using all the products, I knew that I wanted to use them on our recent holiday so I went out and bought this myself.

  • Contains a moisturiser, 3 in 1 swim wash, hair and body wash and a hair detangler.
  • Aside from the hair detangler, which I couldn’t use on Sophie’s one tuft, I would really recommend this little kit. I love the handy plastic, zip lock bag it comes in and the size of products are perfect for a week, maybe two away.

I think it’s probably obvious at this point how much I am loving using the Childs Farm products. I am a convert and love everything about them so naturally I would thoroughly recommend them. If you are considering using them and do have a baby or child with sensitive skin then you are going to want to read the clever science behind the product development. Head on over to the Childs Farm website for more info about the company ethos, product testing and ingredients and of course shopping.

Have you ever used the Childs Farm products? I’d love to hear your opinion so leave a comment in the box below.









  1. August 15, 2016 / 19:45

    I’m a huge fan of Child’s Farm their products are great for sensitive and eczema prone skin. I love using all the baby essentials on my 6 month old. Xx
    Rachel Bustin recently posted…Gardening With Mobility IssuesMy Profile

  2. August 15, 2016 / 19:46

    Love childs farm stuff but they do more than i realised. Thanks great post xx

  3. August 15, 2016 / 19:49

    I’ve recently tried the raspberry one for my daughter as she’s prone to dry skin and loved it. Gorgeous smell. Only trouble I have is that they don’t stock it in my supermarket so I have to buy separately or choose another brand.

  4. August 16, 2016 / 00:09

    Ah I love this brand, the raspberry scent is to die for. I am guilty of pinching my eldest daughter’s toiletries because they smell so lovely, I reckon I can get away with it for another year 😉 Fab review, thanks for sharing xx

  5. August 16, 2016 / 01:27

    Me and my boy both have eczema so I’m really interested teresting in this. It sounds like a fabulous company. I especially like the sound of the bubble bath! #TribalLove
    Sarah@teammomlife recently posted…#MySundayPhoto August 14thMy Profile

  6. Julia
    August 16, 2016 / 13:22

    Sounds a lovely range, ideal as gifts for grandchildren !

  7. Rosy
    August 17, 2020 / 07:22

    I have used a few of their products on my now 2 yo who likes them but hates it going in her eyes. Until two days ago I got a dollop of their 3 in 1 swim product in my eye while bathing baby and it caused a huge irritation, my eye is swollen and I had to go to the doctor and am using antibiotic drops and need to keep out of the sun.

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