Tis’ The Season For List Making

I love a list and for Christmas organisation, it’s mandatory otherwise I’d get lost, muddled and say some very un-festive things. Sitting here writing my lists has got me thinking about all of the organisation that I do over the Christmas period in the hope that this year (every year) will be picture postcard perfect. I wonder how much time and energy I expend in the process? I start planning it like a military operation in September:

  • Make sure that all of my Christmas decorations are themed in colours (silver, white and blue this year if you want to know)
  • Source the cutest wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags to perfectly present each gift
  • Order the Christmas food shopping weeks in advance to secure the best time slots
  • Choose each gift thoughtfully
  • Prepare stocking fillers and Christmas hampers for the kids
  • Drink lots of mulled wine

You get the idea. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who loves a list or two.

This year I’ve made it even harder on myself as I’m back in the office three days a week, still blogging full time AND I’ve committed to filming Vlogmas on my YouTube channel. If you don’t have a clue what that is, it’s basically filming and uploading every day on December up until Christmas. At which point I will collapse in a mince pie induced coma and start making New Years resolutions about not taking on too much work. So. Much. To. Do.

Tis' The Season Of List Making

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve been sitting here all cosy, next to my Christmas tree, writing up my Christmas cards and feeling smugly organised that I’m ticking another thing off my list. Then I realised that I’ve actually already missed the last postage dates for some of the overseas destinations I ought to be reaching out to. Oops. Less smug now. Are e-cards acceptable?? Surely they must be in this day and age? Or is it acceptable for me to post Christmas cards tomorrow and for them to turn up late. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I’m for sure not the only one guilty of this. There’s actual research been done on how many Christmas cards go missing or turn up late. Data Label have conducted some research that shows that 30% of parcels turn up late over Christmas and 15% of cards go missing, costing the consumer a whopping £750,000!! The first thing that struck me is how much money card companies must be taking at this time of year for 15% of it to cost £750,000 and the second thing I thought was where the hell are all of those cards going?! The wrong house maybe? It’s rather a lot of cards to just disappear. *Looks suspiciously at neighbours*

Anyway, I did once have a card turn up in March. It made me laugh to be honest! Where had it been all that time? There’s probably a children’s story to be made from this – the tale of the lost Christmas card. One for the to-do list maybe..

After learning about the plight of the missing Christmas cards, I think I’m well within my rights to get my slightly too late cards in the mail post haste (pun intended) and tick that job off my ever increasing list. If they turn up in March then I will just roll my eyes and point my finger in the direction this research and look suspiciously at the neighbours. Obviously joking – I love my neighbours.

So, tell me – have you forgotten the last postage dates too (please say yes)? Do you even bother with Christmas cards these days? And how about lists? What’s on your to-do list this time of year?

Love to hear from you as always and you might even remind me of something I’ve forgotten to do so leave me a comment in the box below.

I’d better get back to ticking things off my list now so until next time happy list making and card writing.





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  1. Julia
    December 11, 2016 / 08:09

    Dud you get to do all the things on your list?

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