How a Rainy Day in with the Kids can be Just as Fun as a Night Out

Keeping the kids entertained is difficult on the best of days, but when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, your options are even more limited. Thankfully, children have yet to develop that barrier of cynicism that keeps us from enjoying life’s simpler pleasures, so there is still hope! Here are a few ideas that you should consider mulling over the next time the kids are off school and the heavens decide to open.

Board Games

Whilst you could argue that ‘the kids of today’ have been glamoured by fancy, photo-realistic video games, there is still something undeniably special about a good old fashioned board game. Monopoly never gets old and there are so many versions of the game now, it doesn’t all have to be about buying property. Harry Potter and Game of Thrones giftsare as numerous as they are unbelievable and now include their very own Monopoly variations. Even Super Mario has got in on the action with his own Monopoly board! If Monopoly is too advanced meanwhile, there are plenty of games designed with younger players in mind. The classic “Mousetrap” for example? Or Twister (though it’s technically not a board game). To add an element of creativity into the activity, meanwhile, why not help them create their very own board game from scratch? Whilst there are plenty of ‘kits’ you could buy for this purpose, in theory, all you really need is some paper, pens and a boundless imagination.

Movie Day

You can quite easily transform your front room into your kid’s very own cinema. Simply pull the blinds and pin a white duvet against the wall. Then all you need is a laptop and a projector, and you’ve got your very own make-shift cinema! Add a few of their favourite movies (the “Despicable Me” films are always a good bet) and a few tubs of popcornand you should be onto a real winner! If your kids are into video games, you could even hook their consoles up to the projector and let them play their favourite video games on the big screen, which should prove incredibly exciting for them!

Pillow Fort

If you’re willing to pull apart your furniture for the afternoon (and what parent worth their muster isn’t?), then building a pillow fortressout of sheets, blankets and pillows will make your kids feel like kings and queens of their own castles. All you need is a few clothing pegs or butterfly clips to hold everything together and a spare floor. This is an activity that can entertain kids of all ages, and really spark their creativity. Plus, it might even reawaken your own inner child.

Scavenger Hunt

A great way to not only keep your kids entertained and also get their grey matter working. An indoor scavenger huntcan be a difficult activity to set up, but as long as you keep the clues as basic and as obvious as possible (unless your child is a mini Sherlock Holmes) and incentivise them with treats and laughs, you should be able to keep them engaged. If you have numerous ‘challengers’ you could also add a competitive element to the hunt, giving out a prize to whoever returns with ‘the biggest bounty’.

Rainy Day Fun Box

Of course, you can’t always predict when a rainy day will strike, so it always helps to be prepared. Keeping a special, rainy day boxto one side means that whenever thunder strikes (quite literally), you’ll always have a go-to box of tricks to keep the kids from running riot. Of course, what you put in your box will depend on your child’s specific interests, but no good rainy day box should be without the following:-

  • A deck of cards – Which can, of course, be used for a variety of games. Trump cards are also a good bet.
  • Colouring books – A little old-fashioned maybe, but a consistent hit with younger kids.
  • Magazines, Books etc.
  • Fancy dress gear – For a spontaneous dress-up session.
  • Jigsaws and puzzles – This includes crossword puzzles and word searches.


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