A Mum Track Mind Review – The Pipity Activity Case

How do you keep your kids entertained (and quiet!) on a long journey? Finding a suitable activity for them is an age old problem isn’t it and one I’ve written about here before on the blog. In our modern day age there is of course plenty of technology to keep them going but if like me, you worry about the amount of screen time kids are exposed to then read on for an alternative.

One of my strategies, is to bring out a surprise pack of goodies with activities that the kids can get stuck into. I usually just pack up a magazine, stickers, colouring stuff etc – you get the point. It’s a bit of a pain having to put all this together, especially when you have a million other things to pack and remember though isn’t it?

Not anymore. I’ve discovered an awesome new company called Pipity who have made things a bit easier.

Pipity, created by Kate (a Mum of three herself) design a rather lovely activity case and portfolio filled with lovely and interesting things for kids to get stuck into.

Pipity activity case

Pipity Childrens Activity Case containing colouring pencils and activity booksKate sent us the blue Pipity activity case and although she worried that Zak at the age of ten, might be too old for it, he absolutely loved it!

“What’s that?!” he gleefully shouted before stomping off upstairs with his newfound possession. It was all I could do to get some half decent pictures of it all before he squirreled it away. Now he is carrying it everywhere we go!

And I can see why. This award winning piece of kit houses a range of activity books and pads of paper to encourage kids creativity and artistic flare. It also comes complete with a range of colouring pencils, a ruler, pencil sharpener, scissors and glue stick packaged neatly into a lovely little portfolio. The bonus comes in the fact that they are all neatly packaged up in the A5 portfolio – perfect for taking out and about with you. So no more broken pencil pieces littering the floor of the car or felt tip pens staining the seats. Not that Zak cares about the mess but I do!

I think we have both loved getting stuck into the activity books. There are a range of different ones to choose from but our favourites were the On-The-go Games and the Pipity Puppet Shows. I like the fact that Kate has designed it all herself and has taken the time to make sure that it will appeal to quite a broad age range of children. If you have really little ones for example, they may struggle with some of the cutting out etc but then there is a plain paper pad for them to scribble on and they are sure to love all the colouring in!

If you want to get your hands on a Pipity Activity Case for your kids or maybe as a fantastic present then you can buy these little beauties on Amazon or from the Pipity website itself.


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