Guest Post – Signs That Highlight Your Need to Find a New Developer

There are two famous phrases everyone knows; “Nobody’s perfect” and ‘You get what you paid for.”

They are known as excuse phrases, but when it comes from work done on your website, they are two phrases that don’t necessarily have a good connotation. Dissatisfaction on your website, whether it was a cost-effective measure or not in implementation, shows clear signs that your current developer may not be the right fit for your brand.


Are your clients waiting around 27 seconds for your website to load? 

If you answer yes, let me tell you something; no, they are not. They are gone and already converting on another company’s website as you are waiting.

This is an old problem that you should have had fixed years ago, especially now that Google is involved and ranks quick load websites much higher in search results online. If your developer does not know the cause of what is slowing down your website speed, then that’s the warning siren blaring loud that you need to be talking to someone who knows, otherwise you may be spending out on multiple times your current developer is trying out every avenue to identify it.

Not Mobile Ready

If your developer has not pushed you to responsive web design then they are depriving around 82% of business that it can generate from on the go mobile device searches. 

It’s no joke on the figure either, as people tend to do searches whilst on public transport, lunch hours, or any other occasion where not on a desk or at home. Heck, most people tend to purchase surf whilst on the toilet or in the bath, places not exactly safe for a plugged-in laptop or home computer.

It may sound something ridiculous to consider, but the fact is being away from a computer is where the real money is being spent. 

Customer Tune Out

Your developer may have created the War and Peace of websites; a true piece of written and coded art.

But is it converting as you hope it would? Is it useless in comparison to what you were wanting it to do? Are you experiencing high bounce rates and even worse, higher end rates? Well something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Overhauling your content to bring a fresh feel on a more regular basis is a start and should be recommended to you above all else. How about those social media widgets that really drive home the importance of your brand?

Maybe the reason your website feels archaic is because, well… it is. It’s time to call on someone to take away those broken links and bring about the new trends that will work for you, like video backgrounds etc.

Stockport website design agencies are the major players in responsive web design and strategies to be implemented to bring about a successful web that you pay for. Maybe these areas and others are signs that it’s time to branch out further in order for your business to do the same.

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